Trywydd provides a comprehensive editing and proofreading service for third party work.

If you have English or Welsh written material that needs to be edited, or if you need to proofread a publication or flyer before printing, Trywydd can help. We will approach your work with a fresh pair of eyes, using our specialist writing skills to help improve the style, structure and language of your document, ensuring you communicate effectively with your target audience.

This is the final stage before sending your document or publication to print. Send us your work as typeset by the designer and let us take care of any typographical errors.

We will eliminate all typographical errors, including the type of mistakes missed by computer software packages, and make sure your document flows naturally.

We can also:

Ensure that the spelling, punctuation and grammar of your work is immaculate throughout
Improve the vocabulary, coherence and grammar to ensure that your message is clear
Adjust formality of language and format to render it more suitable for a particular medium such as a publication or community newsletter
Use Track Changes to list changes in the margin, allowing you to view all alterations made

Please contact us to see what support may best suit your needs.

(01558) 263 133
or email